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Yesterday we seeded 28 more buckets because only one of the old buckets grew. 8 Jalapenos (2 columns on the right) and 20 Habanero buckets. 2 seeds for each bucket, 56 total. We decided to let the greenhouse indoor this time. So the seeds have a constant temperature.


Update, 2014-08-07: We are trying the Tea Bag Method with Twinings of London Classics Earl Grey Tea and seeded 15 more seeds.

Buckets 2014-08-06

Buckets 2014-08-07

Update, 2014-08-12: Some of the seeds grow. 3 of the 2-seeds and 3 of the Tea Bag Method. We moved them to bigger buckets.

Buckets 2014-08-12 1

Buckets 2014-08-12 2

Update, 2014-08-14: Moved 7 buckets to bigger ones.

Buckets 2014-08-14 1

Buckets 2014-08-14 2

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