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Today I decided to make this blog about Habanero - one of the hottest chili pepper in the world.



Here in Vienna, Austria you can buy Habaneros at a Metro[1] store. As you can see on the picture below the origin (Ursprung) of Habaneros is Senegal (or Uganda).

Habaneros bought at Metro

Chili Con Carne

With Habaneros you can make delicious Chili Con Carne.

Self-made Chili con carne con carne

Breeding experiment

At 2014-03-24 (20 seeds) and today (2014-06-14) we cultivated 22 28[3] seeds from some fruits we bought at Metro store.


We used one seed per bucket in an indoor greenhouse. The buckets are organic fertilizer tablets made of coir. You can buy it in garden centres like Dehner.

20 seeds

As you can see we put the indoor greenhouse[2] in front of our house on a place where the Habanero seeds can catch up sunlight. We put it on some wooden bar so the base will not be burned from the hot cement ground during the day and not be freezed during the night.

Indoor Greenhouse

From 20 seeds (origin: Uganda) we cultivated at 2014-03-24 four plants rised indoor. They are now (2014-06-14) between 10 cm (~3.9 in) and 45 cm (~17.7 in) high. The 16 other seeds didn’t rise.

10 cm plant:

Habanero plant

45 cm plant:

Habanero plant

30 cm plant:

Habanero plant


The taller ones have already flowers.

Habanero flowers

Habanero flowers

Habanero flowers

Habanero flower


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